Our Story

Art of Cosy home is a small company, started in 2022. Handmade manufacture, based in Europe.

Humble beginnings

Our furniture, born from those humble beginnings, now graces homes and spaces, a silent narrator of our commitment to craftsmanship. Join us on this journey where every piece carries the essence of our modest roots, an invitation to embrace the artistry that emanates from our hands to your home.

Every single Art of Cosy piece made by hand with the highest quality care. Our products mainly made of natural stones, wood, or high end terrazzo stone effect porcelains. We select the stones with the most sophisticated care, and we strive to maintain a high level of aesthetics & quality. Our style is clean, modern minimalist with a touch of elegance, our use of colors is monochrome, and the beautiful shades of subtle colors and earth elements are inspired by nature. Our products are made to order in limited quantities.

My creative journey began in the unforgettable film industry as a Prosthetic Makeup Artist.

After 24 rewarding years filled with captivating moments alongside the brightest movie stars and productions, I now seek the tranquility of a quieter life. Transitioning into the creatively fulfilling realm of furniture design, I had the privilege to study at the renowned UAL Art Schoolย of London, graduating in furniture design. Proudly crafting my handmade brand, my mission is to infuse soulful beauty and aesthetic vision into every design, offering an enriching experience to those who appreciate the artistry & modern design.

Est. 2022.ย  European wide Delivery

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